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Find out how Sedation Dentistry can get you the dental care you need and deserve.

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For those without dental insurance we offer a Discount Program.

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Northeast Delta Dental provider

We are now providers with Northeast Delta Dental Ins. Co.


CareCredit is a great payment option for dental healthcare services for you and your family. CareCredit offers special financing, low monthly payment options and no up-front costs.

Ask Us About Anxiety-Free Dentistry

If fear of visiting the dentist is keeping you from getting the dental care you need, call us today at (207)784-7355.

We understand how you feel and can explain how anxiety-free dentistry can help ease your fears.

Metlife Dental Insurance provider

We are happy to announce that we have recently become a provider for Metlife.

Dental Implants

If you're hiding your smile because of a missing, damaged or diseased tooth, call us today at (855) 693-7771 to learn how a permanent, natural-looking dental implant can get you smiling again.

Free Exam and Xrays for all New Patients

Become a member of our discount program and get discounts on your dental treatment.

Relax With Lewiston Area Anxiety Free Dentistry

Lots of people suffer needlessly from fear and anxiety during dental appointments - you're not alone. Dr. Bernstein, Dr. Sweet may have the answer for people like you with overwhelming anxieties about the sights, sounds, and sensations of a dentist's office.

At The Center for Advanced Dentistry we can offer a number of dental relaxation options. Let's talk about which one is right for you. Anxiety free dentistry is applicable in a wide variety of situations - but you won't know if it's right for you until you talk with us! Whether you need a simple routine checkup or you need to address years of dental neglect, don't wait any longer to discover the benefits of relaxing through your dental appointments.

Protect your health and make an appointment today for Lewiston area anxiety free dentistry. Just call our friendly staff at (207) 784-7355 or by fill out our simple online form to request an appointment or consultation. And please be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We'll be happy to answer them!

Don't be embarrassed any longer

A negative self image can be detrimental to many facets of your life. Lewiston area dentist Dr. Jonathan Bernstein understands the positive life-changing power that a healthy and beautiful smile can bring to you. Here at The Center for Advanced Dentistry, we don't want you to be embarrassed any longer. Why not take your smile - and even your life - to a new level of self-confidence and beauty?

If you're looking for quality anxiety-free dentistry in Portland you don't need to look any further. Jonathan Bernstein, D.D.S., is the anxiety-free dentist Portland residents trust to deliver experienced and professional dental care.

The Center for Advanced Dentistry
(207) 784-7355

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About Lewiston

Memberships: Dr. Jonathan Bernstein

Maine Dental Association

Maine Dental Association

Incorporated in 1867, the Maine Dental Association (MDA) is a professional membership organization of licensed dentists dedicated to promoting the dental health and welfare of the people of the State of Maine.

The MDA is a constituent society of the American Dental Association (ADA).

Bad Breath Can Be a Sign of Dental Problems

While bad breath might be a symptom of some other disorder, it most likely stems from dental decay and periodontitis. It's more than just socially awkward - it's a serious threat to your oral health. Periodontitis is a disease affecting gums and bone that support the teeth, and it is caused by inadequate brushing and flossing.

If you’re worried about bad breath, call us today at (855) 693-7771 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bernstein. If he finds gum disease and/or dental decay, it can be treated readily. There's no need to live with bad breath, and no reason to neglect your dental health.

How To Manage Your Sensitive Teeth

If you're already suffering from overly sensitive teeth, there are products that can help. Toothpaste designed for those with sensitive teeth can reduce the pain associated with the condition after only a few days of use. Also, be sure to stick with a soft-bristled toothbrush - hard toothbrushes will only exacerbate the problem. Brush and floss daily to maintain healthy gums and protect dentin from exposure.

Call The Center for Advanced Dentistry today at (855) 693-7771 to schedule an appointment.

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Sedation dentistry offers you the anxiety free dental visit you need and deserve.

The Center for Advanced Dentistry, 220 Main Street, Auburn, Maine 04210 - (207) 784-7355
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